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Free Imagination - Fumio Miyashita - 道 Progress (CD, Album)

9 thoughts on “ Free Imagination - Fumio Miyashita - 道 Progress (CD, Album) ”

  1. The idea that growing up free should go together with “reviving an old idea” is a new angle on Stereolab’s recurring theme that moving forward may require looking back. Throughout the album, images of rebirth and rediscovery (rather than simply birth and discovery) keep cropping up.
  2. Performing Japan general flowering of Zen culture. The style is characterized by bold, dynamic, free-wheeling brushstrokes and by characters writ large for dramatic effect – often just one or two or a few characters that record a Zen keyword (e.g. mu, nothingness) or a pithy and paradoxical saying (e.g.
  3. ???? /EDICT 27JAN94 V/ ゝ [くりかえし] /repetition of kana/ ゞ [くりかえし] /voiced repetition of kana/ 々 /repetition of kanji (sometimes.

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